Station: Radio National
Program: PM
Date: 1/08/2017
Time: 5:23 PM
Compere: Thomas Oriti
Interviewee: Dr Rachel David, CEO, Private Healthcare Australia


REPORTER: Private Healthcare Australia represents private health insurance providers. Its chief executive Rachel David says the industry knows affordability is an issue.
RACHEL DAVID: Well look, I think if premium rises occur as they have over the last decade, about a fifth of people – on our modelling – are going to have serious issues with continuing to afford their private health insurance.
REPORTER: Do you feel that you have a social licence, and that doing things like continuing a policy for someone in their seventies with maternity care possibly erodes that?
RACHEL DAVID: Well look, I think there are a number of products that are currently available which are appropriate for people’s life stage, and don’t forget that people that are older are often on the highest levels of health fund cover because they know they’re going to claim.
REPORTER: A Senate committee looking into the value and affordability of private health insurance is due to publish its report in November.
* * END * *


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