AHIA National Conference 2006
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AHIA National Conference 2006

Stretching The Boundaries Private Health Insurance Reforms: Opportunities and Challenges

31st October – 2 November 2006

Conference Presentations
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Speakers and Presentations
Recognising Individuality through
Hon Jeffrey G Kennett
AC, Chairman, beyondblue
Industry Views on the Implementation of the Private Health Insurance Reforms
Hon Dr Michael Armitage,
Chief Executive Officer, AHIA

The impending reforms to the Private Health Insurance legislation are potentially the most significant changes to the delivery of healthcare in Australia in several decades. It is clear that the manner in which the reforms are implemented by different industry sectors will determine the eventual value of the reforms to the Australian health consumer.

This session will provide an opportunity for varied Industry Sectors to discuss what they see as the outcomes of the implementation of the reforms.

Ms Christine Gee, President APHA (296 KB ppt)
Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, President, Australian
Medical Association
Mr David Meldrum, CEO Advanced Community
Care Association
Making Sense of Consumer

Mr Tony Quint, General Manager, IPSOS

(265 KB ppt)

Ms Samantha Gavel, Acting Private Health Insurance Ombudsman

(258 KB ppt)

Mr Mark Textor, Principal, Crosby Textor

New Technologies and Challenges

Prof Ian Olver, Chief Executive Officer, The Cancer
Council Australia

(5.3 MB ppt)

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding of the health care system as technology becomes more sophisticated. Increasingly available expertise and modern therapies are leading to an impending dramatic rise in costs over the horizon.

This session will examine the science behind some of the medical advances, and will provide an opportunity to gauge the cost implications for consumers, the Government, and the whole health sector.

Prof Stephen Graves, Director, National Joint Replacement Registry

(873 KB ppt)

Prof Simon Stewart, Head of the Preventative Cardiology Division of the Baker Heart Institute
Giving Back to the Community – Health Fund Foundations
Prof Robert Graham, Executive Director, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute; Head, Molecular Cardiology Program; Des Renford Professor of Medicine, University of New South Wales
Stem Cells for Heart Disease: hype or hope?

A number of private health insurers have established entities with the aim of funding and promoting health and medical research in Australia.

The ahm Health and Medical Research Fund, the HCF Health and Medical Research Foundation and the MBF Foundation have all been established with the aim of funding and supporting Australian health and medical research, the outcomes of which are designed to benefit not only those with Private Health Insurance but the community as a whole.

Research funding commitments in excess of $10m have been made by these organisations in the last twelve months. Speakers on the program are all researches whose work has benefited from funding and support provided by these organisations.

Prof Johanna Westbrook, Deputy Director, Centre for Health Informatics, University of New South

Clinical Errors: Their Causes and Frequency in Australian Hospitals

(2 MB ppt)

Ms Leanne Pethick, Founder, depressionNet.com.au
dNet Work Centre (235 KB ppt)
Generation X and Generation Y – Their Hot Buttons
Ms Avril Henry, AH Revelations
An Investment Outlook for the Healthcare Sector: Analysts’ Corner
Mr John Goss, Principal Economist, AIHW

Healthcare spending – Private Health Insurance in perspective

As important a component as it is, Private Health Insurance remains a relatively small and constricted source of funding Australia burgeoning healthcare expenditure. In fact, its relative role has actually declined in recent years notwithstanding increased PHI participation within the population.

This session will examine trends in healthcare expenditure and possible implications for private funding and PHI insurers.

Mr Jon Gidney, JP Morgan Managing Director Investment Banking, JP Morgan

This Creature Called Mutuality

For an industry dominated by mutual corporations, there is surprisingly little discourse around the ongoing relevance of this structure.

This session will face the history and rationale behind mutuality, the pros and cons of mutuality and discuss why and how many companies have sought to demutualise.


Quality and Safety
Dr Diana Horvath AO, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Quality in Healthcare has traditionally involved processes such as accreditation, and risk management through systems and activities focused on limiting adverse events. Whilst addressing the human and financial costs of adverse
events is an industry priority, it is also time for us to look at the quality of health care from a value perspective – is the care appropriate and effective?

This session addresses the challenge for the industry to move to a more long term quality approach that ensures the investment in health care delivers better health outcomes.

Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen, Deputy Chairman of the BUPA Foundation and the BUPA’s Group Medical Director
Prof Guy Maddern, Australian Safety and Efficacy Register of New Interventional Procedures – Surgical (ASERNIPS-S), Adelaide and Department of Surgery, University of Adelaide
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