The benefits of private health insurance

Private health insurance gives people choice and peace of mind when it comes to their healthcare.

Having private heath insurance means:

Access to timely care

Avoiding long public hospital wait lists

Choosing your doctor

Continuity of care with a fully trained specialist

Relieving pressure on the public system, leaving it for those who need it most

All Australians are eligible for private health insurance and over 14.5 million Australians have private health cover.

Finding a private health insurance policy

The government’s Private Health website is the most comprehensive comparison tool for consumers. It’s the only independent source of data & contains details of every health insurance policy available in Australia.

Consumers are also encouraged to contact health funds directly to discuss their healthcare needs and the policy that is best suited to them.

Unlike other types of insurance, private health insurance is community rated. This means everyone pays the same price for the same policy regardless of age, health status or other risk factors.


Private Healthcare Australia Member Funds

The private health industry is regulated by the Australian Government although rules regarding membership vary between funds and in some cases will vary between states. For example, all health funds have certain waiting periods and other conditions that apply before benefits are payable.

If you are thinking about joining a health fund or would like more information contact our member funds.