Total Well Being Diet Program

The Total Well Being Diet is a health and well being weight management program which is supported by Scientific evidence. At the recent AHIA 2011 Conference, Dr David Kannar and Dr Manny Noakes, from CSIRO, discussed compelling reasons why this program is a positive preventative healthcare initiative for Health Insurers.

The Program is backed by evidence that lower obesity levels can reduce health care costs. The Total Well being Diet is aimed at addressing chronic disease prevention by allowing people to take control of their health with a scientifically evaluated program.

CSIRO is expanding upon the success of the book and currently developing a multimedia approach with interactive tools.

Total Well Being Diet Program

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Manny Noakes from the CSIRO then presented how the Total Well Being Diet has gone from “the lab to the kitchen bench”. She noted that whilst the Total Well being Diet is NOT the only approach to weight management, it does represent a scientifically support option for those trying to manage their weight.

The Key features of the Total Well being Diet include:

  • Higher protein
  • Daily Self Monitoring
  • Structured Eating Plan
  • Extensive suggetsions for menus and recipes
  • Encourages exercise

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