For 10 years Dr Foster has been providing the public with data on achievements of hospitals against safety and quality standards and producing independent guides to health services in the public and private sectors in the UK. This allows patients to be informed purchasers rather than passive payers of services.
At the AHIA2011 Conference – Shaping the Future, Tim Baker CEO of Dr Foster UK presented a thought provoking presentation on consumer transparency and suggested that transparent comparisons between hospitals has led to improved care, safety and quality.
Tim Baker discussed:
  • How Dr Foster worked in partnership with the Department of Health (NHS),  and;
  • The tools and software developed to understand and drill down into the data.
A panel discussion followed, titled Consumer Transparency – the good, the bad and the ugly, moderated by Sophie Scott, ABC Medical Reporter.

The Panel included:
• Tim Baker, CEO, Dr Foster
• Richard Bowden, Managing Director, BUPA and AHIA President
• Dr Steve Hambleton, President, AMA
• Stephen Murby, Chair, Consumers Health Forum of Australia
• Chris Rex, President, Australian Private Hospitals Association

The Panel analysed why and how Australia should move to such a transparent approach to empower patients and improve quality and efficacy of health care.
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