The Australian Health Insurance Association’s annual High Claims Survey* has revealed an increase of more than 8 percent in the number of high claims paid for people under 30 years of age during 2007.

AHIA CEO, Hon Dr Michael Armitage said the survey was further evidence that young Australians did use their private health insurance and made significant claims for non discretionary procedures.

Total benefits paid by health funds for claims over $10,000 for under-30s, was $88 million in 2007.

Health funds paid 4,739 claims of more than $10,000 for under-30s in 2007, an increase of 375 or 8.6% on the previous year. (Top 30 claims attached)

Of the 4,739 claims:
The highest claim cost more than $190,000 for neurosurgery
Nine of the top 30 high claims involved heart procedures
Nine of the top 30 high claims involved spinal procedures

Dr Armitage said the annual survey also found that the average cost for high claims was constant across age groups and gender.